DownThemAll needs your support!

It requires a lot of time and some money to create the extension, keep up with browser changes, read and answer emails, bug reports and feature requests, and actually publish the final versions. Any contribution is appreciated. Thank you!


DownThemAll! is an extension designed for people who have to download a lot of files and do not want to click on each individual link. Subfolders and renaming masks also help you sort downloads quickly. Customizable filters will help you to rapidly select what links to download,

What's more, DownThemAll! comes with the OneClick feature which will select files using your last used filters and preferences.

Privacy Notice

DownThemAll! does not collect any personal information!

All information, such as your preferences and downloads, is only stored in your browser - under your full control - and the developers of DownThemAll! do not have access to this information. DownThemAll! is not monetized and does not contain ads. The project is financed by donations, including the time the developers and translators spend on maintaining the project.

Getting Started

After installing DownThemAll! there will be a new button in your browser toolbar. You can add or remove this button using your browser's customization preferences. The button gives you quick and easy access to DownThemAll! main features.

Most user will want to start using the extension with the DownThemAll! action, which brings up a selection window for the current tab where you can select/filter links and media contained in the website, and select the location where to save files (within your Downloads directory).

After you queue some downloads, the Manager will open in a new tab by default. You can change that behavior to not have it open automatically, or open in a new window instead of a tab.

The Manager will then allow you to start, pause, cancel or remove downloads, open completed files, and more.

The following video demonstrates how to add and manage, some downloads:

Once you have configured your preferred settings and filters, you can speed up future queuing by using OneClick!:

Context Menu

DownThemAll! is also available from your context menu (right clicking on elements of a website). Along with the usual actions, the context menus also offers way to queue individual links, images or videos.

Manually Adding Downloads

DownThemAll! allows to manually add downloads. If further supports batches, where links follow a certain pattern, e.g. "image1" to "image10".


The extension also comes with a wide variety of options and customizations, including choosing a light or dark theme, choosing the translation to use, custom filters and custom network limits.

All those general settings are available in the Preferences tab.

If DownThemAll! is not yet available in your language, consider helping out. Our Translation Guide explains how to translate the extension.

Hope you enjoy DownThemAll!

And thanks for all your support, be it in donations, reporting bugs, helping testing or translating it to your native language!