DownThemAll needs your support!

It requires a lot of time and some money to create the extension, keep up with browser changes, read and answer emails, bug reports and feature requests, and actually publish the final versions. Any contribution is appreciated. Thank you!

If you're new to DownThemAll!, have a look at our Welcome page with some introductory videos.

Major version changes

Version 4.11 August 23, 2023

Version 4.10 May 24, 2023

Version 4.9 April 26, 2023

Version 4.8 Feb 20, 2023

Version 4.7 Jan 26, 2023

Version 4.6 Nov 30, 2022

Version 4.5 Aug 2, 2022

Version 4.4 June 20, 2022

Version 4.3 November 11, 2021

Version 4.2 October 9, 2019

Version 4.1 September 21, 2019

Version 4.0 August 31, 2019

DownThemAll! reborn, as a WebExtension

Privacy Notice

DownThemAll! does not collect any personal information!

All information, such as your preferences and downloads, is only stored in your browser - under your full control - and the developers of DownThemAll! do not have access to this information. DownThemAll! is not monetized and does not contain ads. The project is financed by donations, including the time the developers and translators spend on maintaining the project.